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Getwell RO water purifier uses membranes to purify water. The membrane in Getwell RO water purifier is what makes our RO water purifier different from other types of water purifiers, because the membrane in Getwell RO water purifier can remove dissolved chemicals from water. This is why Getwell RO water purifier is considered the best type of home water purifier in India.

Bacteria and Viruses in water and the diseases that they cause are what worry most people and the reason why most buy a water purifier. More dangerous than the bacteria and viruses in water is the dissolved poison chemicals in water like Arsenic. These are silent killers with no symptoms for years and when health problems start showing, it is usually too late to treat it. Of all types of home water purifiers available, only Getwell RO water purifier can get rid of Arsenic and other poison chemicals in water. That is why we say that with Getwell RO water purifier fitted in your kitchen, you can rest assured that you are getting safe drinking water at home.

Best water purifier in India for home use

Without a doubt Getwell RO water purifier is the best water purifier for home use in India. The reasons are many as explained in our various pages

Why Getwell RO water purifier is best RO Water Purifier in Rajasthan and cities like Kota, Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar, Rawatbhata, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur etc. It is because our RO water purifiers gets rid of all impurities in water, by all we mean not only all bacteria, viruses, parasites and their eggs, but also chemicals dissolved in the water. Thus you get pure almost distilled quality of water. So Getwell RO water is the safest drinking water available.

Types of  Getwell RO water purifiers available in India

There are mainly two different types of Getwell Reverse Osmosis RO water purifiers available in India: one is an undersink RO water purifier and the other is a wall mounted RO water purifier. Both are storage type RO water purifiers since they have a storage tank for purified water, and purified water will be available even when there is no electric power in the house.