We are pleased to inform you that we are inviting new dealers/distributors for our products from every locations of India. We Getwell are India's most leading & reputed manufacturer of RO Water Purifiers, we are equipped with the best facilities & technologies for quality & voluminous production. We have a wide array of products among which presently we will be giving dealership for products which are:

1. Domestic RO Water Purifiers, UV Water Purifier
(A) Model: HYGIENE, Storage Volume : 12L

(B) Model: APEX, Storage Volume: 12 L

(C) Model: DEW, Storage Volume: 7L

(D) Model: Sterile(UV), Storage Volume : 7L

2. Commercial RO Water Purifier
(A) Model: UTC, Flow Rate 10 Ltr/hr
(B) Model: Eco, Flow Rate 25 Ltr/hr, Stainless Steel Body
(C) Model: 50Ltr/hr, Easily Attachable for Water Cooler, Stainless Steel Body

3. Industrial RO Plant
(A) Model: 250 LPH
(B) Model: 500 LPH
(C) Model: 1000 LPH

We are looking for more new dealers through out the country.

Interested parties who are already dealers/distributors/supplying agents of any of our competeting brand or deals in office products can take dealership of our products.


We are a reputed manufacturer of RO Water Purifiers, our superior brand image will enhance your business.

We provide most flexible terms & conditions.

Best quality products which will enhance your goodwill and reputation in the market.

We provide products at most competitive prices with maximum dealer s discount.

We help our dealers to market the products and getting more customers through various advertisement campaigns, forwarding them enquiries coming from areas or location in which our dealer is located.

We provide the flexibility to purchase any quantity of stocks.

Our huge voluminous production capacity and on time delivery schedule will help you to cater any bulk quantity orders.

We at Getwell always had provided flexible terms & condition to our dealers to ensure that maximum business opportunities can be exploited and maximum potential of our valuable dealers can be used.

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