Excess Impurity Potential Health Hazards

The most dangerous drinking water contaminants are the poison chemicals in water known as ‘Heavy Metals’. Heavy metals in water, like Arsenic salts, has no taste or smell and can lead to slow death when water contaminated with Arsenic is consumed over a period of time. This is because Heavy Metals in drinking water ‘bio-accumulate’ in our body, that is once absorbed our body cannot get rid of it. Heavy metals in water cause cancer, stunted growth, nerve damage, and early death. Children suffer most from heavy metal pollution of water.

Calcium Kidney Stone
Magnesium Digestion related diseases
Sodium High Blood Pressure
Potassium Electrolyte imbalance
Fluoride Borne Disease and ugly patches on the teeth
Nickel Kidney Damage / Respiratory Problems, High Risk of Cancer
Sulphate Dehydration / Gastrointestinal irritation
Nitrates Baby Blue Syndrome
Lead In Children : delayed development of mental and physical faculties
Pesticides Cancer, Nervous system damage, Birth defects