Commercial Water Purifier Price List | RO Water Purifier for Commercial use Kota, Jhalawar, Bundi, Baran, Jaipur, Bhilwara Lakheri, Keshoraipatan

Getwell UTC RO Water Purifier / Flow rate 10 ltr per hour


Price : Rs. 9500/-

Model: UTC

Mode: Hanging / Under the Sink
Dimensions: D 210 x W 480 x H 540
Stages: PP, GAC, CTO, RO Mem., Post Carbon
Flow Rate 10 Ltr/hr


Getwell ECO RO Water Purifier for Home and Office

Price : Rs. 22,500/-

Model: Eco
Stainless Steel Body
Mode: Hanging / Under the Sink
Dimensions: D 8.25″x W 19″x H 21.5″
Stages: PP, GAC, CTO,2-RO Mem., Post Carbon
Flow Rate 25 Ltr/hr

Getwell 50 ltr per hour capacity RO Water Purifier for Water Coolers

Price : Rs. 38,500/-

Model: 50Ltr/hr
Stainless Steel Body
Duel Mode: Hanging/ Standing
Dimensions: D 12″x W 17.7″x H 30″
Stages: PP, GAC, CTO, 4-RO Mem., Post Carbon
Easily Attachable for Water Cooler

Getwell RO Water Purifiers comes in different types and some of them can be used as both Hanging/Wall mount and Under the sink. We manufactures and supplies RO water purifiers as per requirement of commercial use raised from schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bus stands, railway platform, coaching institutes, art galleries, government institutions, private firms, marriage halls and many other places.

Under sink RO water purifier

In India Under sink RO water purifiers are getting popular now a days. Under sink ROs are fitted in the kitchen cabinet under the kitchen sink. The pure RO water faucet is fixed next to the kitchen tap.

Under sink RO water purifiers are fitted with an air pressurized bladder RO water storage tank of about 5 litres. Even if there is no electricity, 5 liters of RO water will be available from the special pressurised RO water tank kept under the sink.

An under sink RO water purifier is the best water purifier for kitchen faucet because it sits under the kitchen sink hidden from view and RO purified water comes out of a faucet on the kitchen sink. Any water spillage from the faucet will not be a problem because it just drains down the sink. Under sink type RO water purifier is the best kitchen sink water purifier.

Wall mount / Hanging RO water purifiers
Wall mount RO water purifier is the more popular type of RO water purifier in India. It can also be kept on top of the counter. Wall mount RO purifiers have inbuilt RO water storage tank of about 5 liters. These tanks are provided to give purified RO water even when there is no electricity.

Which RO water purifier is the best: wall mount / hanging or under sink :

Both types of RO water purifiers, wall mount /hanging or under sink, gives very good water. So the question as to which RO water purifier is the best depends on the place you have for installing a RO water purifier.

When there are fitted kitchen cabinets it is more convenient to have an under sink RO water purifier because it stays out of sight with the convenience of a facet on the sink next to the kitchen tap. You can keep bottles to be filled with purified RO water on the kitchen sink and just keep the faucet open till the bottle fills. You need not hold the bottle to fill like with a wall mount RO water purifier. Also since the under sink RO water purifier has a pressurised tank, the water comes out with more force and bottles can be filled quicker.

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Getwell RO Water Purifiers are available now in Kota, Baran, Bundi, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Rawatbhata, Ramganjmandi, Sultanpur, Mandana, Itawa, Khatoli, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Udaipur etc.

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